Cheap accommodation in Ubud, Bali | Guide

Updated: Jun 16

This guide will walk you trough how to find cheap accommodation in Ubud, give you tips on how to pick the right location and recommend some great hotels that I stayed in myself!

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Bali is definitely not the cheapest place in Southeast Asia, but it is possible to find very cheap hotels if you do your research and know the good places! This guide will show you how to find good hotels and homestays in Ubud, Bali without spending all of your money.

'The mold hotel' in Paris and why doing your research matters:

Okay, before getting into all of the recommendations I want to tell you the story about the time I was in Paris with my family. It was quite an crazy trip; we drove all the was there from Denmark and when we finally got to Paris there was no fuel at any of the gas stations (Because all of the truckdrivers were on a strike). And we where running out. So there we were in the middle of Paris in crazy traffic, with next to no fuel left in the car, screaming at each other. We eventually had to give up, abandon the car and take a cap.

We stayed at three different hotels on the trip and my mom had found the perfect (and expensive) room in the center of Paris... or so we thought. When we got there nothing has as promised; paint was falling down from the ceiling and onto the beds while we slept and there was mold growing on the walls. The small and dingy elevator looked like something from the haunted house. On top of that the hotel was in a scary neighborhood where even my dad was scared to go out at night.

After that we all learned our lesson about always researching hotels and locations before booking! Luckily we all laugh now when we talk about the time we slept at 'the mold hotel' as it's now known in my family.

Lets get into my recommendations for cheap hotels and homestays in Ubud:

Bamboo room with a view in Permaculture Garden

This was without a doubt the best place I stayed in Ubud. The bamboo hut was built in the middle of the most lovely permaculture garden (and we were even allowed to use as many vegetables from the garden as we wanted!). We woke up to the sound of the jungle-like surroundings and watched the beautiful sunset from our bed every night. The place is even close to a temple where you can bathe in holy water. The place is located in the less touristy Petulu village where you can get lovely (and cheap) local food. We planned to stay for only a few days, but ended up staying almost a week.

Main takeaways:

  • Like sleeping in the jungle

  • 5 minutes on a motorbike to the center

  • In the middle of an amazing permaculture garden

  • Close to secret temple with holy water

Kori Bali Inn

This was my second hotel and I stayed here for over a week. The owner was really nice and the place is very cheap. The rooms are big and each have a private balcony.

Main takeaways:

  • Close to the center

  • Very cheap

  • No pool

Kausala at Bisma

This was the first place that I got to when I arrived in Ubud. The rooms where nice and modern looking + having a pool was great. The place is not in the middle of the center, but still pretty close to the Main Street, however it was nice and quiet.

Main takeaways:

  • Quiet

  • Close to the main street

  • Pool

Aya's Lodge

I stayed here for a few days only and I picked it mainly because of the pool and the location in the middle of Ubud. The rooms are quite big and has more of a hotel style than any of the other homestays on the list. You could even get pancakes for breakfast which my friend really enjoyed (I'm vegan, so I got fruit haha). This was a little more expensive(50.000rp pr person) than what I usually spend on accommodation pr night, but still really cheap.

Main takeaways:

  • Pool

  • Very close to the center

  • Breakfast included

Accommodation near The Yoga Barn, Ubud:

If you are looking for accommodation close to The Yoga Barn here are some suggestions:

I got a 10-class yoga pass at The Yoga Barn and let me tell you - the distance to your hotel does matter when you go there more than once a day. I'm lazy and 1,5 km each way was a lot for my sore yoga legs haha. Remember to pick your accommodation according to the location of what you plan to spend your time doing.

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