How to get to Raja Ampat from Bali without flying [Full guide]

Updated: Jun 16

Getting to Raja Ampat from Bali by boat - The full guide

If you have ever wondered how to get to the remote paradise islands of Raja Ampat from Bali, then keep reading and I will let you in on my secret!

If you are into diving, snorkeling or beautiful beaches are going to love Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Raja Ampat is a remote group of paradise-resembling islands just above West Papua.

Raja Ampat is still pretty undiscovered and can therefore be tricky to get to - but im here to tell you step by step, how to get to Raja Ampat from Bali - completely without flying! Both cheaper for you and better for the environment!

The distance from Bali to Raja Ampat

Bali to Raja Ampat is almost 3.000 kilometers / 1840 miles apart even though they are both Indonesian islands. On this journey you will experience East Java as you relax by the train window, spend 3 nights on the worlds last long distance ferry and arrive in the paradise islands of Raja Ambat with a 2 hour ferry from Sorong. Here is the step by step guide on how you can travel from Bali to Raja Ampat in just 4 days:

Step 1: Bali to Surabaya

The first step is to get from were you are staying in Bali and to the ferry terminal in Gilimanuk. This can be done by taxi or bus(much cheaper) and can take a couple of hours.

The 45 minute ferry ride takes you from Bali to Java and the tickets are under a dollar each(8.000rp).

When you get of the ferry you arrive in Ketapang(close to Banyuwangi) were you take the 6 hour train ride to Gubeng (close to Surabaya). I loved this train ride - amazing view of rice terraces and small villages! The train ride was around (170.000rp).

Step 2: The 3 night ferry ride from Java to Raja Ampat

When you arrive in Gubeng you have to find a taxi to the ferry terminal in Surabaya(10km). Here you can board the 4 day ferry to Sorong. As booking tickets for the Pelni ferry online is nearly impossible, you most likely have to do it in person. The ferry ride is only 620.000rp for 4 days including food, so it is very cheap! You can read about how to buy tickets, what to expect and my experience on the Pelni ferry here.

Step 3: Sorong to Raja Ampat

The only thing left now is a short 2-hour ferry ride from Sorong to Waisai, and then you have arrived in Raja Ampat! There are so many beautiful places in Raja Ampat that it is hard to know where to even begin exploring, but I got you covered! Read my top 3 list of islands to visit in Raja Ampat here.

Disclaimer: I don't encourage flying, so if you don't want to spend the time to travel to these destinations by train, boat or bus - please don't visit. Flying has a huge impact on the environment, which can contribute to ruining these beautiful places. Please respect this.

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