The books that changed my life | My favorite books of all time

Updated: Jun 16

I have listened to most of these books as audiobooks, which both saves me money, saves trees and makes my backpack much lighter when I'm traveling. I use the app Mofibo - Use my link and get 30 days free(affiliate)!

Adventure & inspirational people

Troels Kløvedahl is a danish adventurer that I really admire! A tv program made by his grandsons inspired me last year to buy my own boat and I read 'Alle mine morgener på jorden' while we renovated the boat. Six months later I got to sail the north coast of West Papua with a danish environmental organisation! Sailing would never have become such a big part of my life if it wasn't for him and his family.

I read 'My old man and the sea' on the Papua-expedition. It's so incredibly relatable and a good insight into what sailing is like, even though it is an old book.

Jane Goodall is one of my idols and when I found her book in a zero waste store on Bali I was thrilled! I didn't even know that she wrote books - I had already watched the documentary 'Jane' about how she ended up in Africa studying chimpanzees. The book 'In the shadow of man' describes her experiences and observations in more detail and it almost feels like you are there in the jungle with her!

Self develoupment:

I also read the book 'Queer Intentions' on the Papua expedition and it gave me an insight into Queer culture that I wasn't very informed about until this year.

The book 'The 5 love languages' is a classic and a must-read! It will make you understand yourself and your needs but also the needs of your friends, family and significant other so much better.

'The subtle art of not giving a fuck' I read many years ago, but I keep remembering it as a breath of fresh air in the self develoupment category. If you want to live a good life then you need to learn how to not give a fuck.

Activism, business & politics

I'm reading the book 'Read and riot - a pussy riot guide to activism' right now and I'm already completely in love with it. I'm not done with it yet but I already know that it deserves to be on the list. '#Girlboss' is a refreshing book about leadership and female entrepreneurship in a field dominated by rich white dudes.

'Vejen til noget andet' is the biography of the danish politician Uffe Elbæks life. It's idealistic and wonderful.


'The hunger games' and 'Divergent' are my all-time favorite fiction books. I read them for the first time when I was about 13 (and countless times ever since) and I'm sure that they played a big part in me becoming the women that I am today. They actually prepared me well for the fucked up and corrupt world that I was soon to realize that I lived in.

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