My first month as a 19-year old digital nomad - The good, bad and the ugly

Updated: Jun 16

Many influencers don't show you the details of how they afford to travel - especially not in the beginning when it is mostly hard and a lot of work! So today I am here to share the good, bad and the ugly from my first month as a female digital nomad traveling full time.

I arrived in Bali, after 4 days onboard one of the worlds last long distance ferries, in the end of January after being in West Papua on The Plastic Expedition with a danish enviourmental organization for 3 months. On the sailing trip I wasn't able to work and it cost me a lot of money to participate - so when the 3 months were over all of my savings was pretty much gone...

February was my official first month as a digital nomad and I was off to a rough start. I was so broke(still am), and that ended up being a great motivation to get work done. Because of that february was quite stressful, trying to get my documentary finished and launching this website all in one month, while also getting used to being in a new place and traveling solo for the first time. But all in all, looking back on it, I actually achieved a lot in February:

Accomplichments of February

February in numbers:

  • Percentage of expenses covered: 32% of my total expenses was covered by the documentary sales

  • Website visits: 2.587 sessions

  • Social media followers: 12.278 followers (Lost 98..)

  • Pinterest: 12.500 monthly visitors

Mistake 1: I completely failed at keeping my budget

I spend way more money than I planned to this month...

I needed some alone time and spend extra money one single rooms, but later learned that a good hostel is so much more worth it!

I took expensive yoga lessons at The Yoga Barn and got dreadlocks which were quite big expenses. In the end of the month I had to sell a concert ticket to make ends meet and borrow some money from my mom.

My social media is not going that well right now...

After I changed the language from Danish to English I have lost a few hundred followers...

First month of the blog

Website visits: 2.587 sessions

How my website looked in February:

Using pinterest as a marketing tool

Towards the end of February I discovered how to use Pinterest as a marketing tool and started to see some results!


I learned that setting goals is important, so these are my goals for my blog:

Visitors pr. month: 25.000 sessions

Earn: 7.000kr. / 1.036,83 USD pr. month

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