Top 3 paradise islands to visit in Raja Ampat

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

The Raja Ampat area is filled with beautiful and remote islands. Here is my guide to which islands to visit when in Raja Ampat.

3. Friwen

Friwind is a small island with amazing snorkeling(!!!!), a beautiful beach and cozy little village. Perfect place for a day trip or a night in a bungalow.

2. Airborek

Airborek is a little bigger and even has a dive center and conservation organisation on the island. Here is the most amazing snorkeling (I even got to swim with two huge Manta rays), amazing beaches and the prettiest little village. This island has a lot of bungalows where you can stay.

1. Wayag

I have no words for how unbelievably beautiful Wayag was. We sailed here on a sailboat which I highly recommend for the ultimate experience of this beautiful area. I swam with the Manta rays that circled the boat multiple times a day and I had the most amazing hike of my life here.

Disclaimer: I don't encourage flying, so if you don't want to spend the time to travel to these destinations by train, boat or bus - please don't visit. Flying has a huge impact on the environment, which can contribute to ruining these beautiful places. Please respect this.

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